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Results from June 19th .22 Match

It was a very nice day with lower velocity winds which help to increase the scores.

It does not matter what type of .22 rifle you have, there is a match which you can participate in.

Junior shooters 17 and under shoot for free so come out and have some fun.

There is always people you can get advice and tips from to become a better shooter.

.22 Military trainer

Jim Fell 149

.22 100 yard

Wayne Belic 245-3X

.22 Fun Fire

Bill Askwith 235- 3X

Jeff Johansen 230- 3X

Don Sanocki practice

IR 50/50 Unlimited

Douglas Rome 246- 10X

Patrick Nolan 243- 8X

Jeff Johansen 224 8X

.22 Offhand Rifle

Jim Fell 199

.22 Club Pistol

Jim Fell 225

Date Added: 6/21/2011 Date Modified: 6/21/2011