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Bowling Pin Shoots

The St. Charles Sportmen's Club holds bowling pin shoots the first Saturday of the months spring through fall. Please check the Club Calendar for offical schedule details... Registration is from 8:30am to 9:00am. A Mandatory Safety Meeting is held at 9:00am. If you do not attend you will not be able to shoot. For more information, please contact Jeff Johansen at (630) 293-3581.

Results from the November 1st. Bowling Pin Match
There were 26 shooters participating in this months event
Special thanks to Alan Davis for cooking lunch.

Main Event
1st. place    Dave Tibbals
2nd. place   Barry  Bourdage
3rd. place   Jeff Johansen
4th. place    Tom Edwards
5th. place    Clark Chrisman
6th place    Chuck Dobra and Larry Heintz

.22 event
1st. place   Dave Tibbals

2nd place   Tom Gauss

3rd. place   Tom Edwards
4th. place    Nancy Gauss
5th. place    Alan Davis and Clark Chrisman

Results from the October 4th. Bowling Pin match
Main Event
1st. place Dave Tibbals
2nd. place Eugene Doetsch
3rd. place Jeff Johansen
4th place Scott Lisberg

.22 Event
1st. place Clark Chrisman
2nd. place Alan Davis
3rd. place Dave Tibbals
4th. place Nancy Gauss

Results from the Sept. 6th. Bowling Pin Match
Main Event
1st. place Tom Edwards
2nd. place Dave Tibbals
3rd. place Clark Chrisman
4th. place Eugene Doetsch

Results from the August 16th. Action Match
1st. place Jeff Johansen
2nd. place Eugene Doetsch
3rd. place Dave Tibbals
4th. place Chuck Dobra

Results From the March 3rd Shoot:
Main Event
1st. Place Mike Chivers
2nd. Place Clark Chrisman
3rd. Place Bill Feron
4th. Place Ben Mondrowski
5th. Place Scott Lisberg

.22 Event
1st. Place Jeff Johansen
2nd Place Chuck Dobra
3rd Place Clark chrisman
4th Place Scott Lisberg
5th Place Tom Godfrey

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