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Intro To Shotgun Sports

St. Charles is pleased to offer the opportunity to learn the shotgun sports in an educational program designed to safely and effectively get you started on the right path. These courses have been arranged to provide an introduction and basic instruction in Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays. By the end of the Summer, you will have an effective understanding of safe shotgun handling, the basic rules and techniques in each game to enjoy them with your friends. Each course is designed to be a prerequisite for the next course in the series.

Where: St. Charles Sportsman's Club Skeet Shack
When: Third Saturday of each month (3/17, 4/21, 5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, 9/15, 10/20)
Time: 9:00 to 11:00 and 12:00 to 2:00
Cost: Course is free. (You will be asked to pay for your rounds of targets and shells – about $20).
Class sizes are limited to 3-5 people, and preregistration is required. Children under 16 must be enrolled with a parent or guardian. You will be notified promptly via email, including a map and directions on where to park.

Please bring:
• your own gun, glasses and hearing protection
• pay for the round(s) of trap. Instruction and handout materials are free.

Introduction to Shotgunning

• 1 hour of classroom discussion and presentation
• 1 hour of range instruction using the trap course (bring 50 shells)

Introduction to Trap Shooting
• ½ hour of class room
• 1- ½ hour on the trap range (bring 75-100 shells)

Introduction to Skeet
• ½ hour of class room
• 1-½ hours on the skeet range (bring 75-100 shells)

Introduction to Sporting Clays
• ½ hour of class room
• 1- ½ hours on the sporting clays course (bring 75-100 shells)

All classes will be conducted in the skeet house, and then go to the field.

Click Here to submit your registration online or print our registration form.

Date Added: 4/13/2009 Date Modified: 1/12/2012