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Safety 1st

At the St. Charles Sportmen's Club, gun safety is top priority.

All shooters are expected to use proper eye and hearing protection on ranges. Guns must be open and unloaded except on firing line. Gun racks are available in the Clubhouse and on ranges. All shooters are expected to be in compliance with relevant laws regarding possession, transportation and use of firearms. Unsafe firearms will not be permitted. Proper etiquette and courtesy are expected. The Club grounds are private property. Anyone deemed to be in violation of safety procedures will be asked to leave.

All persons over 18 in possession of a firearm must have a valid FOID card in their possession.

Effective immediately - when purchasing ammunition a valid FOID card must be shown to the cashier NO EXCEPTIONS

Below are some safety links where you can find some great gun safety information:

Date Added: 12/1/2006 Date Modified: 12/1/2006